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Professional manicure and pedicure - it's not just Luxury nails, this is the beauty and health of the skin of hands and feet. We use the most advanced materials for the health and beauty of your nails. Professional manicure will provide you perfect long-term results, as well as care of the pleasant sensation of each nail.

Our expert represent different kinds of manicure and pedicure: Classic manicure and pedicure. European manicure and pedicure. French manicure and pedicure. Express program and spa complex program (treatment, relaxation and gentle care).

All of the most modern materials and fashion trends manicure and pedicure at beauty salon. We offer manicure on short nails, treatment and rehabilitation of nail plate, gentle scrub and nourishing mask for hands. Visit us for the modern short manicure and spa treatments. Cost of services and their quality will please you!

Manicure for kids:


It is no secret that beautiful people are popular and achieve better results in life.

In a world where a woman's time for herself is often not enough, it is important to provide children with respect to their own appearance, children learn to use makeup and manicure train.

Children's manicure is best done in a specialized salon, where people know how to work with children. After all, the master must have not only the traditional skills of manicure, and visionary, to inspire and motivate the child, thereby transforming children's manicure procedure in real holiday.

Special demand services Baby manicure uses before the holidays. This is not surprising, since it is often the manicure becomes the "gem" that separates the girl from friends, giving it a sophisticated and charm. Little hands get so perfect that unwittingly attracts the attention of kids and adults.

For those moms who still believe in the fact that young girls have no reason to worry about the appearance, there is a purely practical application of child manicure - the salvation of the habit of biting his nails. Specialists noticed that few girls continue to bite his nails after they have been made children's manicure, nail polish applied (even clear), nails decorated with pictures or sequins. It's amazing how quickly can get rid of this addiction that many manage to carry into adulthood, with just a manicure!

Technology Children's manicure First, the hands of children treated with a special antiseptic. Then use the nail file nails attached to beautiful shape, especially in need nails those children who have a habit of biting. The edges of the nails carefully ground and polished. During the procedure provided for children manicure cuticle. Sometimes, when necessary, the wizard can remove the child burrs. Then with the help of a special cream or cuticle oil is processed, massage fingers. After these procedures, which are usually very like children, you can apply varnish, decorated nails glitter girls, images, paintings on enamel. Children's manicure procedure can take place without clear application. It depends on the willingness of parents.

Children's manicure is recommended at least twice a month. Mother may well be recorded along with her daughter to a nearby chair to undergo the procedure or hardware classic manicure. Beautiful nails are not only decorate the girl, but also cause it to be treated with care to the hands, nails, make more accurate and attentive.


Ladies & Gents:
Mini R110
Spa R130
kids R50



In the hot summer, most women prefer to wear sandals. Flops, elegant sandals can not only enjoy the coolness in hot weather, but also profitable to show their neat manicured feet. However, not every woman has a healthy and beautiful nails and feet, so many hesitate to wear sandals. To cope with such a nuisance to find healthy feet and nails, as well as to give them an attractive appearance, there is a pedicure.

Pedicure includes a set of measures for the care of their feet, to not only make their appearance neat and tidy, but also greatly improve their health.

The pedicure process is universal, so a pedicure is used not only the fair sex, it is also popular among modern men. Many men prefer to wear summer sandals and flip-flops, so the appearance and condition of their feet are also important.

Pedicure for men is not only the opportunity to have well-groomed feet and nails, but the method to care for them, because the pedicure - is, above all, the hygienic procedure. It may be a classic, hard, spa pedicure.

Implementation of the classic pedicure done in several stages. First of all, the legs are in a pan to steam the skin to become softer. The wizard then deletes the pedicure calluses, cuticles and dead skin parts of the skin that make it rough. Along with this is nail treatment, and cosmetic care. Foot moisturized skin with treatments that contain nutrients. This method allows you to get through manicured feet that no longer ashamed to show in summer shoes. Spa pedicure method involves the use of special scrub for the feet, causing the mask, massage and the use of various drugs, allowing for not only a healthy appearance feet, and relaxation, and recreation during the manicure.

It should be noted that caring for your feet is necessary not only in the summer. Implementation of a pedicure is an excellent prevention of fungal diseases, ensure healthy nails, skin, feet and fingers, improves overall body due to a foot massage. In the studio, manicure pedicure real professionals holding various methods of the present process. Experts will provide gentle, neat and professional care for your feet, will help them find health and beauty.

Mini pedicure 30min R140
Spa pedicure 1h R240

Nail extension:

New set Gel Acrylic
French R240 R260
Natural R190 R210
Color R210 R280

Feet &Hand overlay

Gel Acrylic
French R150 R180
Natural R100 R110
Color R180 R190
Build per nail R60
Soak R110
Repair per nail R50