Massage & Facial


Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 min) R200
Aroma Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (30 min) R280


Beauty treatments. Consultation of the beautician can significantly slow down aging of the skin ! We are offering a lot of cosmetic procedures for the face, which, with the right campaign can help you stay young and keep your beauty. Modern cosmetic services - it is a rich arsenal, based on the achievements of modern medicine and cosmetology. This is the use of special massage techniques, integrated programs of care and the use of only the finest proprietary funds, serums and creams.
A good beautician always tell you the best methods to combat age-related skin changes and will always be there to evaluate and improve the results. We offer you the best treatments from famous brands of cosmetics and guarantee quality and long-lasting results, reasonable prices and excellent service. We give beauty, using the most advanced cosmetic features from the best manufacturers.

Anti-aging 1hr15min R480
Multi vitamin 1hr15min R450
Deep cleaning 1h R420
Stem cell (mature skin) 45min R380
Chocolate 45min R350
Calming (red/stressed) 40min R300
Teenager 30min R280