hair removal



Every woman dreams of a smooth silky skin that will please not only herself but also her lover. Modern women spend a lot of time trying to fight off unwanted hair, but, unfortunately, the way to get rid of unwanted hair on the body has not yet been invented.

Many girls use to this end razors. However, with regular use, the hairs on the body grow coarse and dark, and after a couple of days start to grow again, forcing the girls to repeat the procedure again.

Most secure, and most importantly, effective way of controlling undesirable hair is depilation wax. This method has been used by women since ancient times and the best way to get rid of unwanted hair on the body has not yet been invented. An important advantage that depilation wax, is that if used consistently, the hairs become thinner and weaker, their growth slows down, so the efficiency of this method is much higher than the razor.

Depilation wax makes the skin smooth by as much as a few weeks, so many women prefer this method.

The procedure is perfectly safe if performed experienced. Master individually selected wax that best fit for your specific skin type, will not cause irritation and allergic reactions, as well as other drugs and medications that are used during the procedure.

Hot wax hair removal is most common because it is the most effective. Master prepares the skin in a special way, cleans and degreases, causing the heated wax, remove it along with the unwanted vegetation, and then treat the skin by special means. With proper implementation of the procedure, it does not cause discomfort and removes even the smallest and finest hair.

Depilation wax will give you a smooth and velvety skin, which will remain so for a long time.

Our experts make this procedure, using the latest materials and products that are individually selected for each client.

Waxing Ladies

Lip R 50
Chin R 30
Full face R 160
Underarm R 80
G-string R 100
Hollywood R 190
1/2 Leg R 150
3/4 Leg R 130
Full Leg R 180
Upper Leg and Bikini R 190
Upper Leg R 110
Bikini R 80
Half Arm R 70
Arm R 100


Teenage Half Leg R 80
Teenage Full Leg R 120
Underarm R 60


Eyebrow R 80
Upper lip R 50
Chin R 30
Neck R 60